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Spread the message across Social Networks with our Social Media Marketing Services

Sixth Colour, the leading social media marketing services company in Hyderabad, specializes in leveraging the right social media platforms for clients. We also optimize the potential of online communities to share and promote products and services. .

Social Media Content Strategy


Our team starts work by developing a content writing and posting strategy for each social platform. The sole objective of this exercise is to grab attention, create a dialogue and spread the brand message across multiple social media networks.


We strongly believe in the fact that the content shared on social media has a lot more credibility, when compared to ad campaigns or even news stories.

Your Social Media Partner

Social media has now become an indispensable component in every integrated marketing communication plan. The Sixth Colour approach focuses on creating and maintaining a strong and meaningful presence on all relevant social media channels. Also, this presence has to be constantly nurtured based on the emerging trends in digital marketing.

Insight in the Medium of SMMS

Sharing experiences and information on a topic of common interest is the fundamental function of social media. While there are several established social media platforms, we also see new ones gaining popularity.

We at Sixth Colour fully realize the potential of social media and recommend social media as an enormous advertising platform. Social media platforms have narrowed down ad placements to specific viewer such as serving a health food ad during a dietary discussion or place a car promotion in a YouTube session of car video.

Scores of organizations have successfully gained exposure from social media by systematically placing their products prominently to remain fresh in the consumer’s mind.

Sixth Colour recommends that brands and service organizations link with social media to stay connected with end-users to stay on top of the mind.

Significant Social Media Platforms

The SMM service made available by Sixth Colour benefits brands providing direct channel for customer insight, a finger on the pulse of what customers think of the competition and a means to manage reputation.

The most popular smm platforms include
Sixth Colour uses social media in tandem with other marketing tactics, so the below mentioned goals can be achieved easily.

Expert Brand Development by Sixth Colour

The concept of brand development is by no means a new idea. However, in an age of information explosion in which customers are literally bombarded continuously with messages, carving a niche for your brand takes a veteran team of seasoned marketing professionals who can identify with your product and create its unique identity. Call or write to Team Sixth Colour today and you will never look back