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Sixth Colour Copywriters practice copywriting as an art-form, we believe the art of good copy writing is to take an idea and craft into words that will engage the reader and hold their attention. Good content draws people to pay attention to what we have to say. Great copywriting succeeds in communicating our message and calls for action.

Content is everything – design and functionalities are tools that help deliver the flow of information. Sixth Colour copywriters provide insights and support writing in all media, be it copy writing for ad campaigns, the web or brochures the Sixth Colour approach for each of the media is different.

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Powerful Copywriting: Captivating all Media

Captivating Copywriting for all media People scan text on a web page rather than read every word, we therefore, present text to make perfect sense during a scan. We employ SEO techniques to help search engines index our pages and place our information prominently during a search. And write headlines in a print campaign to appeal to peoples’ emotions in as few words as possible. That is the secret of first-class copywriting.

Powerful Corporate Communication that sells

To develop high-quality content we listen, understand and develop an intimate understanding of your business, your goals and the target audience. Starting with your brief and placing your needs as the central focus we carefully construct every sentence, polish and perfect each word to represent your message accurately.

Our deep understanding of various mediums of communication enable us to develop well organized clearly targeted copy that flows smoothly and follows a logical progression of information in